September 28, 2016



Howdy doo!

So here’s what’s up. You or people you know have stuff to sell, or need jobs, or are new to your respective city, or you would like to make some new friends, or maybe just maybe that cuddly cat of yours just wants too much attention and you need a little air! I don’t know what your motivation is, but I do know what the solution is!

Come hang out with us and let us help you find what you need at “The Art of Active Networking”. You have three awesome opportunities starting on Monday!

Monday night 10/3 we are at The Box SF in San Francisco at 6:30pm. Tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-art-of-active-networking-san-francisco-october-3-2016-tickets-20025981249?aff=es2 
NOTE: Monday at our event one of our newest members Avery Wong of http://www.AveryWongPhotography.com will be shooting FREE Resume/Headshots for anyone in attendance!

Tuesday night 10/4 we’re in Los Angeles at Hyperslow also at 6:30pm. Tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-art-of-active-networking-los-angeles-october-4-2016-tickets-20026039423?aff=es2

Wednesday night 10/5 we’re back in Costa Mesa in the OC at Pom & Olive. You guessed it’s also at 6:30pm. Tickets here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-art-of-active-networking-orange-county-october-5-2016-tickets-20026008330?aff=es2

Now in all seriousness. You are busy, I am busy. Successful, giving people are often very busy. But while we find lots of folks jobs and connections here, this event is first and foremost about helping each other through what I call #MYGIVE4. I believe we should show up for people every day. I believe all people have value. I don’t care if you are a C-Level executive, or 6 months unemployed, a student fresh out of college, or a seasoned, award-winning veteran, you are all equal in my book and we can all do a good bit better towards helping each other to thrive and succeed. We all struggle, now let’s band together to ease some of them for each other!

I hope you’ll make the time to join us.

Be Well. Be Creative. Be Great.
-Mark E. Sackett
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