May 8, 2020


Been in a chat with an old High School friend of mine Cal Bruns. Cal lives on the other side of the world and the universality of this Pandemic. Our connection on Social Media sparked some thoughts earlier today. Thanks Cal for your perspective as well.

Happy Friday to all my conspiracy theorists, Planned-demic followers and those who disagree with all or both when it comes to conflicting Covid19 and Pandemic issues. Honestly I believe the truth is somewhere in the middle.

First I will say that I am not a follower of anyone who pretends to know all...No one ever does!

A few things in these films, blogs, podcasts and theories going around are highly inaccurate as well, and I am certain much in other films, blogs and articles are too. They are too often started by dissatisfied people hating Big Govt, Big Pharma, Big Banks and Selfish Corporations etc., and they create such nonsense and confusion.

One thing is certain...we just are not certain. We each have to make our own choices. This will and is killing 3 of my 4 small companies, I have been blessed to work for myself since 1990, but I will have to sell everything in order to survive. There are no bailouts for really small businesses, I only have 5 employees and most of that is not profit, in fact any small profits go back into my businesses each year, my building improvements, salaries and ways to make the experience and spaces better for our Clients. My Bank won't help, the Govt is a joke and my Credit Card Companies have of course made zero effort to reduce interest rates for anything needing to be charged on a card. My Internet, Insurance and Utility Bills also remain the same...And this is true for millions of people around the world. The big guys are selfish and will get bigger, the smaller will suffer and may not survive.

No "experts" agree on any real courses of action and no end is really in sight. One thing for sure, this has blatantly exposed class failure, weakness in health systems, political systems, medical systems, structures in place and the inept nature of leadership globally in its current state. The rich will get richer, the poorest will be cleansed from society, and much like a forest fire, everything, including Mother Nature will come back eventually. That is a sad statement on humanity and an ever sadder reality for those at the bottom and in the middle. I have been deep in thought about so many aspects of this and have decided to post this on my social media as well, since A.) I have a big mouth and B.) Everytime I post people disagree and unfriend me generally. I know some staunch Trump Supporters, I know Devout Christians who believe God caused all of this, I know Liberals who have different opinions yet, and of course we all know the run of the mill Armchair Critics who like always, have big mouths and don't give a rats ass about helping anyone, yet all of us are equally affected. Your Politicians are not helping you, your gods are not helping you, your local Governments are overwhelmed. Our sense of entitlement is rampant and many have become more selfish and mean. We are not however equally treated, and those societal inequities will need to be remedied on the next round of this will end us (yes this is far from over). So in my opinion...we each need to decide what is working for each of us and spend a lot more time helping each other despite our varied differences! I call it MyGive4 and I have been practicing it for years now and spreading it around. Finally take care of yourself and each other right now.

I love a healthy debate and perspective always, just hoping I am around to have it!


-Mark E. Sackett

June 21, 2019


We have reopened but are still collecting donations for our Sewage and Restoration Campaign here in San Francisco!

As you may or may not be aware we sustained significant damage here in San Francisco in our 1850’s Letterpress Shop and Mercantile on May 6th, caused by a city hired work crew who were ‘jetting’ the sewers. This resulted in them sending 140 gallons of sewage into our beautiful shop. They are claiming no responsibility. We have been in cleanup and survival mode for weeks now. I wanted to share an update with you!

We reopened last week and tomorrow morning we begin restorations and construction on our bathrooms that were both destroyed and gutted by the city crew!

We have raised almost $10,000 of our $70,000 in repairs and we thank you for the support. Our credit cards are creaking but we are moving forward.

I am determined to put this behind me and stay in business.

Thank you again for helping us.

Since we are still collecting donations, please share this campaign with your networks and also come see us!

Have a beautiful weekend.


Facebook Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/654686484954627/?fundraiser_source=external_url

Go Fund Me Campaign: http://www.gofundme.com/theboxsfdonate

Or you can make a direct donation through Paypal at: MSackett@TheBoxSF.com

Thank you so much for the love, support, donations and calls!


-Mark E. Sackett

Our Website is: TheBoxSF.com
Our Instagram is: @theboxsf
My personal mobile is: 415-602-9500 for any questions at all!
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