June 29, 2015


Just to clear up what seems to be huge confusion based on the text messages and posts blowing up my iPhone today.

Yes I am leaving NYC for now, moving back to San Francisco. But...I also have never left San Francisco, I am still based there, never left and have lived in San Francisco 29 years now! It's my paradise.

My companies including The Box SF THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING and Stage 24 Productions as well as Reflectur / Articulation Films / Republic of Sound and our other business ventures are all based there.

I also still live in LA part time but a few years ago sold my home and have not decided yet where I want to rent or buy there, so for now Starwood Hotels take care of me and actually let me leave clothes and a bag there as I like!

So for the last 24 years I have been Bi-City San Francisco and Los Angeles, and 4 years ago added New York City and became Tri-City.
I just decided 4 weeks ago to give up my home in NYC to take care of some very important personal matters in San Francisco, right now I am needed West!

I will continue to travel to New York and after some of these matters get resolved, will be restarting my New York City events as well, but for now, my home will be California! As The Art of Active Networking and Reflectur continue to grow my events and projects as well as my public speaking and seminars will take me to many places. But for now, this is what is needed and I am thrilled about it!

I have only known one person who HATED San Francisco and well, that's part of why we are no longer together! LOL I mean who could hate and entire city and all of it's people?

So I get to be more home in San Francisco starting Wednesday morning and I am excited for the next fun steps in my always awesome and ever-changing creative journey!

Thank you all for the support, love, smiles, projects, ideas and friendship you bring to my life!
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