May 16, 2015



It's really simple, you can go it alone and make your way in business, or you can show up for others, build powerfully giving relationships and reap the benefits of knowing amazing people with the link mind of giving and helping others first in the course of doing business and building your dreams.

For me this takes the form of intimate face to face networking events where you get to meet everyone in the room and everyone in the room is aligned to help you do a little better. I call it THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING and I currently offer it in 15 cities including monthly events in San Francisco, Silicon Valley/San Jose, Los Angeles, Orange County and New York City. Vancouver, Metrotown/Burnaby BC and Kansas City are also growing.

I'd like to invite you into our world, to attend our events, to join my online groups and pages and to shift your busy life from the nose to the grindstone, no time for others approach to a deep breath, and one evening a month where you stop focusing on you and start bringing your amazing resources to the surface to help others and build a network of givers around you who care about you!

Our next event is May 18th in New York City!
Then all of our June and July events are on our website and tickets are on sale always 20$ online and 30$ at the door. Join all the groups and post up what you want for free.

I hope we see you soon! Please share this with everyone you know.
Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website, read the reviews, join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at:
Check out Mark's TEDxFultonStreet talk in New York City also on our site. It's all about his networking efforts here at 'The Art of Active Networking' and on why we sort, why he does it and why it's important for all of us!
The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone!
Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great!
-Mark E. SackettCreative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker
Mobile 415-602-9500
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