April 5, 2015



I am just so grateful for my own and unique journey in life. I am grateful for whatever genes my parents packed into me that makes me think, feel, do, embrace and love the wide diversity of things I do!

I have designed what 99.9 percent of the people on earth would call an abnormal life. I don't live in one place, I don't date, I spend a great deal of time alone despite being incredibly social, I am wired in an odd way, I love things most people hate, I hate very few things, and when I do I am vocal about them and wickedly outspoken.

I learn so much each day and each time I think know, I actually know nothing. So the journey of learning, healing, discovery, struggle and wonder is in front of me each day and that excites me. My curious nature rules me.

And on days when I am done with it all and wanting to stop, somewhere, somehow, I inspire myself to round it all up and take another step forward.
I hope Easter was blessed, fun, happy and settled for whatever you all believe and whatever you all wanted to happen today!

Make this coming week great for someone. Practice GIVE 4 and how you can help someone this week do a good bit better.
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