August 25, 2014


Once again this weekend I got to meet some amazing people doing some interesting, creative and amazing things. I am reminded of how we all have our own paths. Some of us wander them silently and alone, quietly getting our work done and living our lives, some of us are connectors and collaborators living our lives out loud and in the open. I happen to be the latter. I have a big mouth, a big camera and big ideas. I live so much of my life alone and in the quiet corners of my unconventional life, but with all the tools available to me can't help but over share daily about what might be going on or what I might be thinking.

And as I was thinking about my pretty uneventful weekend, I realized that I am just as engaged and interested in my journey regardless of what's on the schedule any given day.

What a wonderful unplugged weekend. I chose not to work at all for a change, and instead did very little as my heart is driving me nuts in this time leading up to my surgery September 3rd and doing even the shortest of walks is wearing me out.

I ran a few errands on Saturday and went to bed very early Saturday night only to be rocked out of bed by our 6.1 Earthquake at 3:25am. Then Sunday got up early to go to my favorite breakfast spot in SF only to remember upon arriving, that is is never wise to eat breakfast in SF on a Saturday or Sunday because that's the only day the rest of SF gets up and also goes out for Breakfast. So I went elsewhere to find a new spot and winged it!

I discovered a new spot in Noe Valley for Brunch which as it turned out was baby central, and in two hours counted no less than 73 babies or children under 3. (I SHALL NOT BE DRINKING THE WATER IN THAT AREA ANYTIME SOON). It's making people want to pop out babies at high rates of speed! I then went to get my nails cut, and wandered upon "Sunday Streets" in the Mission. So I explored, Instagrammed, wandered and listened to bands and music before coming home exhausted from the short journey and actually went to bed last night at 6pm!

Now, I'm working in San Francisco the next two days and then off to be a keynote speaker at Kickercon.com in Houston Texas on Wednesday to Sunday before returning to NYC September 1st to prepare for my Heart Surgery on the 3rd.

Time seems to have slowed down for me in this last few weeks. I am noticing things in a much different way. Maybe it's just another life shift for me but I am curious as to what is going on.
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