August 25, 2014


I was blogging this morning and found this post I never posted from March of this year about an Earthquake we had in LA the night before. This last Sunday morning at 3:25am we had a 6.1 Earthquake here in San Francisco too. It was the largest shaker here since our 1989 Quake. Maybe the Earth is reawakening? Napa and that surrounding area got it the worst. I was shaken out of bed and The Box SF here in SOMA was rolling. It seemed like a long one. No damage here however.

This was my recap  of the Quake in March of this year in LA.

Some serious damage in a few spots of LA, over turned car, a rock slide, boulders in roads, cracks in walls, kids tossed out of bed, medicine cabinets and closets in disarray, lots of broken bottles in stores, broken water mains, mostly near Brea, La Habre, Fullerton, Whittier, Etc.

In Culver City where I was having dinner it was a good shake and lights were swinging for about 5 minutes with aftershocks etc., emergency services and news all doing a good job of helping, reporting and informing folks.

It was the largest quake here in 6 years, 5 miles deep, first quake on this fault since the 1920's, the California Earthquake Early Warning System gave a 4 second warning. While only a a 5.1 this was much stronger at an intensity of 7. There is always a chance of course that this is a pre-quake to a much larger quake but it is a guess at best. As of 11:41pm there have been over 40 aftershocks. Actually 45 as 5 more aftershocks just happened as I was typing this...Fascinating!

Scientists are saying they believe this to be the end of what has been a relatively quiet period for quakes here in California!

Quakes are spectacular things to experience. Our 7.1 in San Francisco in 1989 remains of of the top 10 nights of my life!

I hope everyone is safe and that the damage is minor.

Take appropriate precautions everyone in California and be sure to prepare an Earthquake Kit to keep at the ready. We'll never quite know when another really big one might happen.
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