May 16, 2014



The buzzwords of 2014 seem to be TRIBE and TRIBE BUILDING, years ago it took a VILLAGE, and we're always talking about our COMMUNITY. But what are we doing to really build any of these in truly sustainable ways?  Most of us see connections as targets for sales, targets of opportunity, centers of influence, change-makers or tastemakers. We want to be a part of the TRIBE because we want and need more business, we want to be recognized, loved, included, noticed but very rarely do we focus on giving, helping, sharing, offering, going the extra mile out of our way to help another person do better. We're all very absorbent containers, gathering info, contacts and opportunities really, really well, but perhaps it's time to sprout some leaks.

Why is it we have these ongoing encounters and we immediately go back to selling, prospecting and reaching out with our asks of support, referrals, recommendations and wants and the response is not there... we hear Crickets!

So think of all the people you encountered this week, friends, family, colleagues at work, lovers, strangers, waiters, baristas, teachers, church, dentists and/or the faces you simply ignored. Now think of all those encounters no matter how long or how short they were. Did you do anything positive to engage them? Even a thank you, a smile, a compliment, a laugh, a share, some help, held a door, dropped a tip, or offered some help, ideas or caring in any way? I get it, we're all guilty, but what if we made that extra effort every single time? What if we focused on helping each other in even the smallest of ways at and during every encounter? Why we might lose a precious hour or two out of every single day! YIKES! I think we'd start to see a shift in this world like never before. I think we'd all gain a good deal more at the end of that same day and I think we could really create a global culture of giving.

Five years ago this idea of 'The Art of Active Networking' came to me, at first it was simply to allow people to gather, but now over 10,000 people strong it is so much more. It honestly is a TRIBE of sorts, like minds connecting in multiple cities all with an attitude of sharing, meeting, giving and helping. And for me the big win is that I get to know all of you!!! Before I started this I maybe knew a few hundred of the now 10,000 attendees, but now I consider you all brothers and sisters with a common focus. And together we have helped 1000's in both tiny and huge ways alike.

And for that I'm happy for the encounter and what I now see as a responsibility!

Thank you for the work you do, thank you for the effort you put in and thank you for being a part of this.

Our next event is May 19th in San Francisco at the Box SF, I am currently in Los Angeles hoping to secure a venue here, then after SF back to New York to do the same on the 21st of May. And for those of you asking Vancouver, Washington DC, London and a few other cities are being planned but I needed to get past this last 8 months of surgeries and am finding my way back to my full schedule!

Make it a connected, powerful, relaxing and awesome weekend!
Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website, read the reviews, join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com
Mark E. Sackett
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