May 15, 2014


The Art of Active Networking is growing by leaps and bounds, especially in San Francisco! Our SF Meetup Group alone is almost at 1000 Members not to mention our Facebook Group and our Facebook Page! Yes we have both. Our LinkedIn Group is also approaching 800 members.

You can also go to our website and join all the groups and pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, our other Meetup Groups in other cities and our Twitter!


We are here only to help each other do better.

And I am looking forward to seeing you next Monday night at The Box SF! Tickets through our site are selling like crazy, guess the heat is motivating you all! LOL

Stay cool! Spread the word and invite your friends. Remember the RSVP's here are always much lower than our full attendance since tickets are mostly sold through our site and pages.

Mark E. Sackett


Connect with me here on sites you also use: http://www.MarkEackett.com
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