March 25, 2014


I of course have to share this exchange on the plane today as I flew from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco. I swear the stuff I hear is hilarious and so love people!

Flight attendant comes to our row with a bottle of white wine and asks if we would like a glass of wine, elderly and frail gentleman next to me is working a crossword puzzle and looks up asking, "Is it a New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc?" She says no it's a Chardonnay. He accepts.

20 minutes later she returns and he says, "Would you by chance have a New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc?" She says no it's Chardonnay! Once again he accepts.

20 minutes later she returns with, you guess it a Chardonnay in her hand and offers yet another glass. He looks up this time and says, Do you have any food on the plane? She says, "Here in First Class we only have Bananas, Chips, Cookies and Candy. But in coach there are snack boxes for purchase." and she pours him another small glass of Chardonnay.

He begins to peruse the selections and finds in the inflight magazine all the wrong things to eat that are apparently offered on the international first class flights and is very excited to find a New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc!

She returns and he orders. She says "I'm sorry sir, you can only order from 'this section'", and points it out. So he relents and orders a Tapas Box. He then says, "What about the wines?" more specifically "The New Zealand, Sauvignon Blanc?" Realizing this poor guy really wants that wine she winks at me and says, "I'll go see what else we have on-board!"

She comes back with the Snack Box and a bottle of Chardonnay. She says, "Here you go sir, and I'm sorry but we only have this Chardonnay because the flight is under 3 hours. I'm sorry."

He replies, "ok I'll have another glass of Chardonnay."

You gotta love a guy who sticks to his guns!
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