March 24, 2014



"Hi Mark, You sound like a decent guy, but as far as your events go, thanks but no thanks! I reach out to people all the time and of the scores of people I have written to, only one single person has followed up with me, so I would not waste my time with you. Good luck in your event."

As you read below, I also want to say if you want to support an an amazing Veteran's Art Project here in Vancouver you can buy a ticket on our website for tonight and I will in turn make the donation in your name, even thought you cannot attend! http://www.TheArtoActiveNetworking.com/

Mark E. Sackett

It's so funny to me how untrusting people are. I started my events for "The Art of Active Networking" almost 5 years ago now to help others do better. I did not start them to rake in the money, or to switch it up on ya and sell you a course, a network marketing product, to gain business for myself or anything else. In fact I really don't even talk much about what I do for a living. I don't have sponsors, I keep the events agnostic, the events are not huge and they take a lot of work to produce in all these cities.

So when I meet new people and I invite them to my events, and when I offer my groups and walls for them to post on for free, they automatically, more often than not, think there is a catch. I smile inside at it at first, and then a touch of sadness washes over me. I guess it is odd that some guy with a big mouth and who talks to every stranger, would want to help another stranger for no reason at all right? It's not something that happens everyday. So something must be up.

I do this because I don't like seeing people passive, struggling with their conversations, not knowing how to meet people or to follow up. I think everyone should thrive, I think no one should lose sleep at night over not having a job, not knowing what to do next in their career, struggling with their creativity, family issues or money problems or just basic shyness. There are many more not knowing how to brand them self or to talk about their non-profit's or causes they care about get lost around concepts of networking, and thousands more hate the concept of "networking" all together (me included), because most of the events they go to are empty, cold and full of careless handshakes, superficial conversations and pathetic followup. I meet people multiple times a day, scores of times a month who have big dreams and they are do nothing with them. That's not necessary, it's maddening and we all have a responsibility to start reaching beyond our problems, to get creative, active and involved!

Connecting, caring and showing up to surround yourself with big thinkers and givers can help that. Being true to that is what matters to me, being in integrity to that is why this is my little hobby.

If you know someone who is in need in any way invite them to join us, if you have a great network and much to give, come and share your resources. Share this email in your social media by cutting and pasting it. No matter how little you think you have, I will challenge you to help someone else to do better. And I will guarantee you have something to give, we all do! Sometimes I wish I could stop everything and do this everyday.


Tonight March 24th we're in Vancouver, BC Canada at Foster Eastman Gallery
March 31st we're in San Francisco at The Box SF
April 8th we're in Washington, DC at the Lookout
April 28th were back in San Francisco, CA at The Box SF

Everyone is welcome...so consider inviting a neighbor, folks from your non-profits, your church or your local coffee shop. Invite a college student, or someone saving for college or a kid who never got to go as well. They don't think about this stuff early enough! We all need to see our worth, we all deserve an opportunity to contribute and some just want to be included in the conversation!

I spent this week in beautiful Vancouver where people paid 8000$ or more to attend the annual TED Conference. The thing is, even some of them I met struggle the hardest...so it's not the money that solves these issues. It's working together to help eliminate the struggle to shift the conversation, to change our internal story and to work together in a new way to collaborate and lift each other up.

I hope you will come play and smile with us, and I hope you will tell at least 10 people you know to do the same. We'll welcome you with open arms and you'll see why our brand of networking is an "Active Art!"

Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website; read the reviews; join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone!

Mark E. Sackett


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