February 13, 2014


Thanks Debra Rogers for your list for Women of the top 10 reasons to be single on Valentine's Day. I largely agree and as a Man have added my edits and my own changes below!!!

1. I get to reflect on all the wonderful relationships I have had, the bad ones I have escaped from, and look at all of them with Gratitude for bringing me here, right here, to this point in Markland!

2. You get to do exactly what YOU want. (No Yoga class with candles and cold vegan food in the middle of the winter. NaMaSte here...you go!)

3. Being single is better than being in a sucky relationship. (Is sucky a word?)

4. I can spend all that money on me or something I really have wanted to do? (I'm lovin' this day.)

5. You get to put all your attention on you, self care and just be without the need or sadness of a girl or boyfriend, spouse or the endless search. (This is a rare and welcome shift for me.)

6. It's fun to fly solo, get out and socialize! (This is an Olympic Sport for me and I am a three time Gold Medal winner at it!)

7. I am 100% wholly owned and independently operated, so I can go flirt all I want should I choose to!

8. You get to embrace and thrive in the life you want. (I usually do this and am quite good at it, but this day is a sweet reminder.)

9. You are the ruler of the remote and all movie choices! (Especially should you choose to stay in and have #NPMN.)

10. After a killer day of the above ideas, I get to have a quiet, perfect dinner with a beautiful wine and some killer music if I want, with my absolute all time best friend: ME!
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