February 12, 2014


Is today business as usual for you?

If it is, consider changing it up, those types of deep habitual days are great for combing your hair, wiping your ass and getting yourself out the door in the morning, but once you are out there, don't make it business as usual! In fact make it anything but...

Make it fresh, creative, ever changing, powerful and upward, embrace new ideas, new people, new technologies and new opportunities. Taste, touch, see, hear and smell all you can...feed your senses and your soul.

This is not to say you throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater, IT'S NOT! It is about balance, blending, embracing new and integrating old. About getting unstuck and leaving those stories that never have served you far behind!

Remember...Don't look back, you're not going that way!

Come play with some innovative thinkers at our next events.


March 3rd San Francisco at The Box SF in San Francisco
March 24th in Vancouver at Foster Eastman Gallery in Vancouver
March 31st in San Francisco at The Box SF  
And our Washington DC debut on April 8th (Details to come)
Still searching for appropriate venues in New York City and Los Angeles!

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Mark E. Sackett
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