February 13, 2014


I declared a SNOW DAY at 6:45am! A snow day consists of:

Going back to bed until 9am
9am -Not showering.
9:01am -Not getting dressed except to answer the door for food delivery.
9:o5am -Grabbing my laptop and bringing it to bed to deal with emails. 
9:05am to 12:30pm -Returning calls and emails.
9:05am to 12:30pm -Ignoring calls and emails.
12:30pm-12:45pm -Doing some Social Media Updates.
12:45pm-1:24pm -Napping.
1:24pm-1:42pm -Watching Heavy Snow Fall 26 floors above NYC.
Constant: -Listening to NYC Snow Plows grind away at NYC pavement creating new and deepening potholes!
1:43pm -Watching at least one TED Talk.
1:59pm -Watching at least one YouTube Video.
2pm -Setting my schedule for next week including three lunches, three meetings and two other appointments.
3:04pm-4pm -Helping to make connections for at least 12 people in my network.
Ongoing: Avoiding almost everything else on my 'critical' to do list until tomorrow morning! (Hey...It's a SnowDay!)
4:24pm -Order lunch and open a bottle of 1998 Leonetti Merlot from my cellar and enjoy an afternoon glass of wine with lunch.
5pm -Shower and get dressed for tonight's event with Bill Walsh at the W Hotel Times Square.
5:45pm -Get dressed and walk to W Hotel 2 blocks away

6pm -Snow Day complete!

Snow Night? Hmmm...What to do before One Billion Rising - I am Risingevents tomorrow and my Valentine's Day selfie events! I'm most certain I can get into some trouble.
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