January 17, 2014


Very sore, very tired, very content and other than Tuesday's mishap and beating by homeless Jesus, a great week. I spoke to the officer presenting the case to the SF District Attorney and I told them I was less concerned with them locking him up, and more concerned that someone work with him to get him appropriate mental health services. Most certainly nothing I have control over, but wanted it said since I am the victim. The officer said he thought I was being extraordinarily reasonable about all this. Honestly I am moving in this last 4 years of my life to trying to be more "reasonable" in all areas of my life, to try to connect others, help others, motivate and inspire others in small ways and to encourage everyone I meet to move beyond habit, the expected and those stories and people who do not serve our purpose in life. It's honestly why I ended my last relationship two years ago, it's why I live in multiple cities, it's why I do so many things and it's why ALWAYS being strong and standing up for me as I have in years past is important. It's also why I started The Art of Active Networking! I don't fly around the world for money or because I have free time, I do it to try to help others and to encourage them to help each other. PERIOD!

I am not good at asking for help, or leaning on others and would rather you spend your good time and energy helping those who really could use the hand. I do not have a lonely life, I am surrounded by extraordinary people doing so many amazing and extraordinary things. Passionate, strong people and confused, angry, lost people equally...but ALL amazing to me. At times, of course, it might get a little lonely, flying alone, eating alone and exploring alone but that's ok, I always and quickly meet strangers who become friends and I am then surrounded by awesome new people with more amazing purpose!

Scores and scores of you have "checked in" with me this week and asked, "What do you need? How can I help?" My reply to all of you is this, spread the word on my events for The Art of Active Networking so we can help more people do better, find love, jobs, make their ideas big and be there for each other. That's it! Send them here: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com It's not self serving, it's you serving others.

So as I process this week in advance of flying from San Francisco Friday afternoon back to New York City, I once again am feeling such gratitude, appreciation and love from those who surround me. I have deepening compassion for the man who hurt me, for Gretchen Sackett, my ex-wife and current amazing business partner my staff here Reflectur, The Box SF, BrainfoodUSA and my other companies,  to my family who have always put up with me, to my close and cherish friends who have checked in from 6 countries this week, and for all of you, who just like me, struggle day in and day out with this thing called life, health and the pursuit of happiness!

Enjoy the ride with me and remember...Don't look back, we're not going that way! Then, please, please go help someone else do a little better today!

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