August 21, 2013


You can be on Probation and still get an AK47 and 500 Fucking rounds of Ammunition and still walk into a school in this country to shoot at Children. PLEASE NOT AGAIN!

I wonder why Schools? Do you suppose it is that we are so habitual in this Country and we cover this so endlessly in the news that Schools are the habitual target? We don't seem top wander as often into other institutions.

Federal Legislation failed for Gun Reform at the National Level. Oh my God our Constitution might be attacked. Our right to kill might be compromised.

Are we so stupid in this Country that we cannot preserve our Constitutional Right to Bear arms and also protect our Children? Really? We're this stupid, this complacent and this unfocused on the problem that it just gets worse? Do we really collectively care this little? We value our Freedoms more than we value Life...something is not right. Can't we value both equally?

Perhaps instead it's just that we enjoy watching the BAD news. We lock on to this stuff and watch it over and over. Then as soon as one of our Sports Teams reaches the Final 4 we divert our attention to something we perceive in this country to be more important.

We elevate idiots to HERO status and when they test positive for drugs we let them continue to play and yet the hero in Georgia who risked her life talking to a man with 500 rounds and an AK47 should be elevated beyond our biggest sports hero's to Superstar Status in my opinion yet you don't even know her name.

Seems to me all of our priorities are wrong in this country. Seems to me we are nothing more than selfish whiners worried about our own agenda's and not the collective GREAT! In fact we have never heard the word combination, 'collective great', because we think so friggin' small...the best we can even muster are the words 'collective good', and then we change the channel and make it someone's else's child, someone else's pain, someone else's problem.

We need to start helping each other unconditionally, we need to start helping strangers instead of shooting them and worrying how much we can protect ourselves from them.

I don't have the answers, but I do have a voice, I don't have the solutions but I do have a brain, I don't know what to do but I am willing to be part of the conversation.

I am for our Constitution...ALL OF IT! But we need to change something and we need to get off our asses, and arm our hearts for a massive solution, and we need to do it soon.
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