August 22, 2013


Oh my gosh...I just had the best, heartfelt, honest and quite funny conversation!


OK, it's possible I am spending too much time alone. The conversation was two sided as I spoke to, carefully listened and frankly answered myself. It was enthusiastic, and complete.

I happened here in Los Angeles in my hotel room, I was wandering around the room, getting ready for bed and thinking about how much is going to happen tomorrow, three ideas I just had and some thoughts about an 'outside' conversation I had earlier with another 'real' person that got my wheels really turning. Then, I realized I do this all the time. We get a HUGE amount done during these little meetings, we follow up and we have a supportive and equal relationship. OH....And. I always win arguments! And it's rare that we go to bed angry.

I think it's possible I am losing my mind, but for now it seems to be working.

Thank god I'm here alone!
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