August 26, 2013


Hey Ladies....it was today in 1920 you were first allowed to Vote. I for one cannot imagine a time when Women could not vote. After all Women are smarter, more intuitive, kinder and much more connected to issues than us Men. We however are very good at many things but if I ever have to hire a professional, I will always lean toward a Woman over a Man 70 percent of the time.

Most of my Doctor's have been Women, my Accountant is a Woman, my Broker is a Woman, my Business Partner is a Woman (and my former wife), In fact every single employee here at three of my primary companies are Women! Even my oldest and longest Best Friend Betsy Donnelly is a Woman. Well at least Reflectur is still Male dominant but we have had our amazing share of women here too!

Well Ladies, um...get out and Vote! (Well eventually).
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