August 26, 2013


I had an interesting talk today with someone who asked why I think the way do. I stopped for a second and answered "Look, I used to be a take no prisoners, narcissist who was a total ass to everyone. Singular and unwavering in 'my way or no way'."

Then one day, a long time ago, I cracked under the stress I was causing myself and said, I need to change something or be dead soon. Now is is arguable that some here think I have not changed at all, but those who really know me have confirmed that I have.  I of course being extra hard on myself, to the point of being relentless, work very hard to be the man I am today. I have studied, worked towards an awareness and become crystal clear on who I am and what my Personal Brand is. I am also clear on my passions, my craft and what I want to try to accomplish before I die. I am also clear on what and whom I accept into my life and who is not allowed in. Constant takers are on that list. Those with one foot in and who only have a sense of themselves are too. And those who insist on living under the rules someone else wrote for them are at the top.
Will I still try to help them if I can? YES but if they don't shift it's not a long lived relationship.


I am so far from my sense of perfection, I fall back into old habits from time to time and get incredibly angry when I see forms of bullying or injustice in the world. I am a perfectionist and daily learn to live and let go. I worry about my friends, family and colleagues and don't like when I or any of us struggle.

So I get up every day and try to do the best I can. I am getting better about NOT beating myself up when I fall short as well, just so long as it does not become an excuse for me when I slip.

I have so much in me that I want to scream, I am filled with solutions, ideas and projects that I am so certain will work that I would put my life on it when it comes to some of the major problems we face in life. I am sitting on ideas that can make Billions for others but I was not born into wealth. And while I am not always right, I have some odd, deeply rooted sense of knowing, that is on target and has served countless Clients and their bottom line for 33 years now having made them hundreds of millions of dollars.

I am posting all this tonight because I am on the verge of some enormous things, some may happen soon, others may happen in the next decade but they are massively positive and will create huge, very positive change for millions around the world.

I keep them quiet because I am not ready, that sense of NOW has not quite arrived and when it does you will know.

So I ask you...have you thought deeply about who you are, what you want to do in the 10 minutes you have left or the 75 years you have to go?  What is your personal brand, what is it you think about and why? And most importantly, how to you make your way each day?

Much to think about for all of us.

His final question today was, "What do you want written on your Tombstone?"

I said, "Well, I do not want to be buried, I see no reason to use up perfectly good land where someone could be growing tomatoes for the hungry and I want no funeral or memorial service. But if something had to be said somewhere I suppose it would be this, 'You might have liked him or you might have hated him, but with Mark, you always knew right where you stood, and what he stood for.' and that's about all I have to say on that point."

Figure out who you are and then take that into the world with passion and purpose. Don't fear what 'THEY' might say, fear what might be left inside when you take that last breath!

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