August 13, 2013


You know it's funny...we live our lives, we grow up, some of us fight demons and obstacles and the stories of our lives that hold us back. Then we sit in judgement of others. I have too often sat in judgement of others on all types of issues. Then something happens that resonates with you....

When I was in Junior High I decided to try out for Special Choir...I think today we might call that GLEE today. And like today it was not popular, we were Geeks or as many now refer to them GLEEKS. I was a good Tenor, on Pitch, and PASSIONATE about singing, I somehow slid through the audition without knowing how to read music because I luckily happened to know that song, so I faked it, and I was accepted by Mrs. Hoyt! We sang at events, assemblies, old folks homes, and all types of things around Kansas City. And we were Fucking good. We worked our asses off to sing well and to bring smiles to others and we were passionate about singing.

It is no secret that I am a nerd at heart, I sing at stoplights, in the shower and at every opportunity. Ask Betsy Donnelly Doug DavenportPam DavenportGretchen Sackett and many others who have experienced this. I love music and when the TV Show Glee hit the air I thought "Finally NERDS are cool!" Much like the Genius Bar at the Apple Store!

I said once that GLEE resonated with the Public so much because the NERD in all of us is freed and equal in that show. It's Brilliant, because it is inclusive of handicapped, gays, stupid people, jocks, nerds and all of us who struggle to fit in to life as we have somehow designed it.

Well a month ago Cory Monteithof the hit TV Show GLEE died of an overdose. A shock to many and a loss for us all. My first reaction was "REALLY" another damn STAR with everything going for him kills himself over goddamned drugs...LOSER. But I have to say I am wrong, Cory like many of us struggled with his demons. In fact more than once he battled them and in the end they won.

I am posting this because today I am overwhelmed with compassion for this man...this kid. On the outside he had everything, the perfect relationships, a stunning, wealth, talented partner, a job, immense talent and so much more, and it is easy for us to throw that away discounting his entire life and labeling him as a loser who loved drugs.

Point in fact is that none of us know or could understand his individual struggle. We saw the good, we saw what we perceive he threw away. But guess what? We all lost. We lost immense talent and future performances, the show lost one of its stars and his partner lost the love of her life, and his parents lost their son. But he lost everything.

So as we want to sit back and arm chair judge others each day...take a few moment s and think of your demons. We all choose our weapons and methods and resources. Some of us don't make,(for whatever reason), the right choices. Or right by our standards.

So as I think about this talented boy who we lost all to soon, I have shifted from, "That fool, what was he thinking?" to "I am so sorry to have to say goodbye too soon Cory, Rest in Peace!"

A little compassion might serve us all tomorrow!

Have a good night, wherever you are.
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