August 11, 2013


I live on a virtual island, I love the way I have carefully designed my life. I love life on planes and between San Francisco (My base for 26 years now), Los Angeles (For 17 years now), and now NYC for over three years. I would add three more if I had more of me to go around. I love being still by myself or in motion, but making each moment mine and doing my best for others as I am able is most important for me.

I love change, exploration and meeting new people daily. I don't care if you are ugly or hot, rich or poor, smart of dumb, experienced or just off the virtual boat. Everyone is equal to me. Nothing in my life is consistent except my family and closest friends and I cherish them. I get to travel and where ever I land, I generally have friends that I can pick right up with. If I don't, It's generally a matter of less than 24 hours before I do. For that I'm ever grateful.

My journey to health, the next meal, the next meeting, the next concert or unique experience is always thrilling to me. Even this week which has been overwhelming and emotionally challenging for me, reminds me that I am solid, and I have such wonderful people in my life. I reconnected with some very old friends, spent time with my family and those that matter most to me.

Thi week also reminded me how stuck we can get if we don't determine our own unique path and stay on course. We all get to build our life. One hour at a time, one decision at a time we build our future. And we are the only one responsible for each moment we embrace or pass over.

Here's to making the best choices in the weeks ahead as we all continue our journey into Fall!
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