July 29, 2013


Somedays I think this big blue ball is about to spin off it's axis and other days I know that Mama Earth is just fine and that's it's just us messing everything up every day. I was thinking about this last night because of some conversations I need to have this week.

I imagined the Human Race applying for residency on a new planet. I was at the front desk when the application came in and had to ask the hard questions in the initial written exam.

This was my partial list:

1. So what happened to your old planet earth?
2. We have been following you for some time, why do you treat your home and the people on it so badly?
3. Why are you always still killing each other?
4. Why do you use all your religions to hate and exclude each other?
5. How many versions of God to you all follow down there?
6. Do any of those religions ever agree or unify or to all of them have a unique set of exclusions?
7. Why do you have some many racial divides and practice racism daily?
8. Is your natural food so horrible that you preferred genetically altered food and animals?
9. Why do you all spray and eat so much poison and label your poisoned foods as 'conventional' to trick your people?
10. Why do you treat your animals so badly and abuse them, often experimenting on them?
11. Why do you feel so superior to each other and treat those with less differently?
12. Why are your elderly discarded after a certain age or ability?
13. Why are so many of your children ignored and not treated as a significant resource?
14. Are you going to pollute our air, soil and ground water like you do at your current home?
15. Do you intend to exclude gays, and handicapped and those of lessor income or different colors from some of your laws and commonly accepted practices?
16. Are you bringing all those guns and bullets that you like to shoot at each other?
17. Do you intend to set a better example for your children than you have done to date through your sports, political and other so called 'celebrity' hero voices?
18. How many of your drugs and pharmaceuticals do you intend to manufacture and distribute here?
19. Do you intend to repeat the same habitual behaviors on this new planet and if so WHY?
20. Now last but not least, what the hell happened to your sense of humor down there?

This concludes the written part of our entrance examination. Please come back tomorrow for the oral exam.

We really wish you had come better prepared and want to inform you to not get your hopes up since that whole "HOPE and FINGERS CROSSED" thing is big with you people. We're more of a lead by example planet here and while optimistic by nature, have some serious concerns.
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