July 30, 2013


Off to NYC for a long week ahead before heading to Kansas City to see my family.  I re-fell in Love with my 'City by the Bay' this week realizing just what a paradise it really is for me this last 25 years of my life.

I'm overly blessed by the universe to have the good fortune to live in more than one city and truly call each home. I have lived this way for 19 years between San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York City. I'm judged, questioned and chided almost daily by someone who either can't comprehend why I do it or how I do it.

I do it because it feeds me, it nourishes my curiosity for the thrill of the hunt, leading me to the tastes, sounds, art, music, people and things I get to absorb. We all build our lives and have the ability to direct them as we wish, and those lives are a string of beliefs and experiences we string together in the story of our life.

My life has already been overflowing with extraordinary! I have been married once and to this day am blessed to have that amazing person in my life as my business partner in all I do, I've been in love twice, thought I fell in love 6 times, had the good fortune to travel a good amount, walk red carpets, meet standing President's, Celebrities, people who have lived to 106, and met thousands upon thousands of others.

I have tasted amazing, sipped rare and extraordinary, chewed on things I would have not otherwise tried, and listened to and watched  talent that I cannot even fathom. I have surrounded myself with physical memories of all of it. My nests are fully feathered and overflowing with wonderful memories of my life already.

It's funny, for all the wonderful that has surrounded me in my life thus far, my prize possession is a 4 inch by 6 inch by 5 inch blank book with 1000's of pages in it that I purchased in Los Angeles some 20 years ago. It has French writing on the spine and is just a big fat black book with 1000's of pages in it. Well I bought it because I thought it was beautiful. It sat on my table for a year until one night a friend came over for dinner. While he was sitting on my couch I suddenly thought of how I was going to use this book. I walked over to him, picked it up and said, "Will you sign my guest book?" And much like nearly everyone does he picked it up, said, "Of course, how cool is this?", then he made the very first entry and off we went to dinner. This book has been in all my homes now for 19 years, it sits wherever I happen to be spending the most time. Right now it happens to be in NYC for a bit. 100's of friends, colleagues, strangers who come for meetings, partners etc have signed it, sketched in it, written poetry or scribbled in their mother tongue! Some of them may even read this here. And for me it's my greatest possession because of all I own and the wonderful things in my nests, this book is filled with stories, signatures and memories of some of the wonderful people who have wandered into my life!

And for me that's golden! 

Have a wonderful day connecting with strangers as well as those you already know and love, maybe too they will want to "sign on" to your life!
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