July 27, 2013


You've heard the expression, "Life isn't about how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain."? 

I was thinking about this over the last few months as I started approaching my health issues as a battle. Then I realized that battle and war and all of those concepts are wrong for me. Then I remembered having a talk with my friend David Yeah-Dave Romanelli about this a few years ago. It seemed everyone was using War and Warrior terms as empowerment concepts.

The Warrior within, The War on Cancer, The Fight of your life, The Battle against drugs etc., etc., etc.

I don't agree that failed concepts of War and Battle are empowering to us, I think they are negative concepts that often times indicate that someone or something else will need to lose or die, that winning is what matters and that the journey is lost as long as we succeed. We can absolutely be focused, motivated, empowered and active in our respective quests without those concepts attached.

I do think that going through it and that act of going through and embracing something makes us stronger, teaches us lessons and adds perspective for us, but we can do that without the rampant negativity and negative constructs as our guiding light.

We each have every right to a beautiful, amazing life. NEVER battle your problems, your body, yourself or others using these concepts of war in your daily life. We all deserve better than that. We all deserve kinder than that and we all most certainly deserve to let up on ourselves above all!

The journey is the thing! Not the winning or losing, and certainly not the beating. Embrace all you are good and bad and that's the starting place.
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