November 11, 2016


I learned a great deal during this recent election.

I learned that American's largely don't care about politics. If you compare the total votes cast in this election vs even our last two Presidential elections it's pathetically clear that most would rather not avail ourselves of our opportunity to participate than vote for the parties and politics presented to us! Shame on us!

I learned that most people do not understand how the Electoral College works and that as the end of the day Clinton could be easily elected and none of our votes would even matter. December 19th is when they vote and decide, and they can go against the Electoral College vote!

I learned that our election and our process is no longer about facts and candidates. It's about the media! Branding and Spin not Issues and Platforms.

And above all I realized that politics can and still does tear friendships, families and long standing relationships apart. I've watched it happen and had "friends" un-friend me because of my beliefs. And I have watched much more of it happen to others.

Once people heard me continue to talk about my support of Gay Marriage the same thing happened. When they heard my views on Roe v Wade and my support of a Woman's right to choose and control her own body, the same thing happened. When they heard I was voting for Clinton because I felt that was our best opportunity to maintain some separation of church and state and protect the future of the issues above as they relate to our Supreme Court, the same thing happened.

I have said many times I did not vote for Clinton because I am starry eyed and hopeful about our future with her. I voted against Trump for all the same reasons so many others voted against establishment and the notion that Trump might "Drain the Swamp". It's the exact reason we saw such relatively low voter turnout. We simply don't really care. That makes me sad.

We talk about change every 2 to 4 years yet as a nation we do not change. I fear for our immediate future collectively in this country. But as you all are seeing we are fairly quickly moving back to our normal and happy this is over.

I'm in Vancouver, BC Canada to do @TheArtofActiveNetworking here on Monday night! Someone asked me today why I care so much, especially because they said, "After all you are part of the White America that elected Trump!" They went on to say, "You have nothing to worry about, you are white!" I have made it clear why I care about who our leaders are. And while I am white, I have a great deal to lose under any hateful and potentially divisive President. We'll see!

I want us ALL to be kind.
I want us all to be GIVING!
I want us all to help each other.
I don't see skin color, I want us all to do the same.
I don't believe in your gods, I want us all to accept each other for whatever you want to believe as long as you do not use it as a weapon against anyone or use it to exclude someone.
I want us all to recognize that we all STRUGGLE with something, and that we need to stop seeing those struggles as opportunities to attack others. Conservative, Liberal etc. are views that include beliefs that make up who we are. I would hope love, caring and compassion are also part of that.

Finally, I want us ALL to recognize that we are inherently creative, unique and amazing, and that our sex, race, age, physical ability or belief's are opportunities to learn more about one and other.

Stick together as we step forward in the coming months. Do not stop caring about what you believe in, just do your best to temper it with a good bit more compassion and kindness than we have seen this last year in America.

The power of us ALL working together is still much greater than anything we can each accomplish on our own.


Mark E. Sackett
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