October 20, 2016


I arrive in Chicago late tomorrow night on Friday the 21st of October...It's been a minute since I was last in Chicago so catch me up on what to do!

Also some awesome news, we currently have 81 tickets sold for our event next week at Tribeca Flashpoint College, my long time friend Bruce Winston has informed me he alone has sold 80. That's awesome!

So given our capacity limit if you want to come to the launch of our first Chicago event don't wait too long.

Get your tickets now and let's all band together and help each other and those in our network who are struggling and also creating awesome things!

I'm thrilled about meeting all of our new Chicago members here and am excited to see Chicago unfold and to meet all of you in person!

Any questions? You may call me anytime for any reason: 415-602-9500

Mark E. Sackett
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