July 26, 2016


There is this growing anger and disdain during this Presidential Election Circus and I am watching hundreds of people get nasty, racist, homophobic, hateful and aggressive. Trumps pathetic actions and Tweets do not entitle you to do the same thing here.

If you do that on my walls, I will comment, I will also ask everyone here to grow the fuck up and recognize that this is an election. Anyone who gets into politics in my opinion are flawed at the start and already have a strike in my book. This week I started getting more vocal as well, sucked in a bit, and found my temperature rising. I don't need that in my life, it is incongruent with who I am and not healthy for me.

Everyone keeps asking me what I think so here it is.

I am a Bernie Sanders fan...Bernie is out of this race. To not vote and take my vote and stay home and pout would be a vote for Trump. To cast a vote for a third party candidate this year would also be a vote for Trump.

For the record, I am registered independent, because I believe we MUST become at least a 3 party nation, but those Candidates have failed to build an adequate base. I will NOT waste my vote this year, and to vote for one of them as sad as our reality is, it would be a wasted vote with no real point made. Yes I know many of you disagree... your choice.

I am voting for Hilary Clinton only because never in a million years, could I vote for Trump because of his attitude towards immigrants, blacks, gays and Women and many other reasons. I do not allow that kind of hatred in my companies, from my staff members, from our Client's or anyone in my life. I will not support that sophomoric and moronic attitude from him or his homophobic running mate. Shame on him for calling himself a Christian.

For the first time in my adult life, I am voting for the lessor of two evils. Both of them have pasts, records and history that are good and bad. But the way Trump runs his campaign by attacking and demeaning others from the start, is not in alignment with who I am.

I will not sway, I will not read supportive or negative comments any longer here, as it is distracting me from what does matter. My own companies, my own severe issues and my own pain and needs. The needs of my network of givers practicing #MYGIVE4 is what is important to me.

I practice what I preach, I do my best to give to others and to help others do better, I am not always well liked because I say exactly what I think. I don't care if you like or hate me, I care that you know where you stand with me so that you can make an informed choice. PERIOD!

Read back on any post in the last many years, and you will see me consistent in saying, "If you hate, exclude, divide and treat others badly, you will get 3 strikes with me and then you will be banned." Nothing has changed. I am still not Christian and do not believe in God. Nothing has changed. I am still a good person doing my best and trying to help others as often as I can, nothing has changed. I don't need to hit my knees on Sunday to do that, I much prefer helping someone else off their knees to stand taller and stronger.

I personally detest Trump for the way he runs his campaign and would never support any aspect of what he represents because I find him reprehensible! I have not seen that attitude from Clinton, and while she is no angel, she aligns better with my gut. As I said I will not debate your facts vs theirs as very few facts matter this year with most of you anyway. The sad truth is very few of us ever know the facts. Never have I seen so many angry, hateful, blinded people in this nation. America is great and Trump is convincing you it is not! Hate, racism, gun violence and our chants are tearing us apart and he is leading that hateful call. Black Lives Matter, Police Officers Matter, You Matter. This us against them, us against anything is so messed up and setting the WORST possible example for our youth! He is so out of touch with LBGTQ issues that he all but stumbled in his speech last week trying to get the letters out in the proper order. He sees all of my gay friends as a non-entity, his running mate signed the law allowing businesses in his state to ban gay and lesbian customers. This is 2016!

I will Vote, and I will cast a vote that matters despite the fact that I personally also believe that we should be electing people based on popular vote NOT the Electoral College.

And like you, I hope we'll start to move forward together. I look at what people do, not what they say. I look at what you do, how you live, not at what you say. Maybe we could all start paying more attention to that and less attention to skin pigmentation, uniforms and classifications.

Go help someone you meet today do a little better. We all struggle with something and we have infinite power to help them.
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