December 30, 2015



I have been thinking about you a lot this last few weeks. I have watched as we rally around those we care about and ideals we support. How we come together in unity during tragedy and tough times and watch how we revert back to old habits as those same tragedies fade. It concerns me because I know you are a good person, I know we all have goodness in us, I like to believe that we are all good people at our core.

As 2015 comes to an end, I don’t want to forget the good in my network, I want us all to allow a second or even a third chance for others. This year for me can only be described as TOUGH, but I am still here, you are still here and we all have a huge opportunity and frankly a responsibility to create a shift in how we operate, how we show up and how we act towards and on behalf of others.

'The Art of Active Networking' for me is not about “Networking” or “Events” and certainly not about money. It loses money and many of you know it. I do it because it remains one of the ways I can show up for others. You see when you have a big fat mouth like I do, combined with no fear of people, and you combine that with a desire to help, it turns into something. Add a bunch of cool infectious personalities and each month we begin to make a difference for others in some extraordinary ways.

You hear me talk about #GIVE4 all the time. I ask very simply that you consider giving to others 4 hours a week in one or all of the following 4 ways to help those you encounter, starting today:

1. Give your ideas and talents. You are one talented person and so many never get to see or benefit from your gifts, so offer them freely.

2. Give a little money, you can pay someone’s toll, buy them a coffee behind you in line or donate to a non-profit! All of them will appreciate the effort. Go ahead, make their day.

3. Give of your time, the elderly lady down the street could use a little help in her yard since her husband passed, your local shelter or non-profit is always needing some help with volunteers. Let their small need be your good deed!

4. Give of your referrals in your network to help someone. This is the easiest thing to do! LinkedIn.com Stage32.com Facebook.com​ and many other social media sites provide a great way to refer each other to new connections. Remember, “Know, like and trust” are the best basis for referrals.
Finally, as I always say, “WE ALL STRUGGLE WITH SOMETHING” and guess what? It’s not easy to ask for help, but it’s very easy to open the door for someone to ask you for help by simply offering to listen. So…LISTEN UP!

My events in multiple cities will continue to be one of my 2016 hobbies. I love you for showing up and for supporting the others you meet and for telling others. That’s what you can do for me and for this community.
I’ll see you next year starting with these 4 cities. Come, buy a ticket for a friend, invite your networks and let’s get folks employed, connected, and off one knee. Here are the links for tickets:

San Francisco January 11th at The Box SF:

Los Angeles January 12th at Ignited Spaces:

Orange County January 13th at The CrashLabs:

San Jose/Silicon Valley January 25th at The Corinthian Grand Ballroom:

Here is to an awesome 2016 and beyond. Remember those we have lost, remember our collective struggle and remember not to judge quickly based on the Chapter you are walking in on!

Every email I send for my companies ends with: “Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great!” That is my 2016 wish for you as well.

With all my Gratitude,

Mark E. Sackett
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