July 18, 2015



Since Gretchen and I met in Kansas City, THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING​ will go on this Thursday night in Kansas City at Berg Event Space​ at 6:30pm!

Many of you now know that my ex-wife and business partner Gretchen Elaine Sackett passed away suddenly on Wednesday morning here in San Francisco. We were together one way or another for an amazing ride of 36 years! I am reeling as is our families and friends, but after two solid days of thought about what to do and how to move forward I am doing this. I need to find my own private time to grieve, but I know Gretchen would want us to all move forward.

As you may also know, “The Art of Active Networking” was started because I want to collaborate and help others to do better and after 6 years now and 15 cities 12,000 people have attended. Giving and kindness to each other was always the most important thing in Gretchen’s life. She helped family, strangers, friends, the homeless, and her myriad of causes from Veteran’s to Animals.

Gretchen once said that instead of gifts at Christmas, Holiday’s, Birthdays and Occasions that she wished people would just give money to help charity, especially to help animals that don’t have a voice of her own, namely in their local animal shelters.

So rather than grieve here under my covers and at my desk everyday, I am going to make every event for “The Art of Active Networking” a living, giving memorial to Gretchen. And at every event we will try to collect a little more money for her and her love of all animals.

Instead of a normal memorial service this Kansas City event will be the first of those. So please invite your friends, colleagues and anyone you know to attend. And if you knew Gretchen and want to come and celebrate the kindest and most giving person I have ever known, please do! (We will NOT be doing an official memorial for Gretchen, this is it because she would have hated being the center of attention!)

Here is the ticket link for the event, and until I can scramble to figure out a donation system, you can buy as many tickets as you want and either pay it forward and invite someone you like or want to help or just buy 10 or 20 tickets or more and I will know that anyone who does NOT attend meant their ticket or the extra's as a donation and I will deal with getting those to her charities ASAP, I promise! Then I will formalize this in the next month or so for her.

TICKETS FOR KANSAS CITY EVENT JULY 23RD:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-art-of-active-networking-kansas-city-july-23-2015-tickets-16848203430

Gretchen was amazing, loved and never had a negative word for anyone! She is already terrible missed and I am devastated. I’ll see you all Thursday night in Kansas City! (For anyone reading this in my other cities, we’ll be doing the same thing so you will have your chance to honor Gretchen as well!)

Mark E. Sackett​

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