June 23, 2015



First off, Thank you all who attended on Monday night here in NYC, and all of our cities this past month, nearly 300 of you attended in 4 cities. Thank you also for the constant support you have given me and our members in those cities and in particular New York City and Vancouver this last few years.

I am very sad to announce that due to a very serious personal situation, I am going to be canceling all events for "The Art of Active Networking" here in our New York Chapter and in our Vancouver/Burnaby Chapter until further notice.

We will continue to do the San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles events and Kansas City since that is where my family is. Monday morning movers will arrive in NYC and I will also be leaving New York City for the West Coast. I gave up my apartment here due to this situation 2 weeks ago and am scrambling to pack by Monday.

I am needed on the West Coast due to a serious health matter and will be operating primarily out of San Francisco for an unknown amount of time to help as needed with this situation.

I am more than saddened to have to announce this, and I want to say how much I appreciate your support of this little idea that has grown to nearly 12,000 attendees to date, and for helping each other as you do each day using my concept of GIVE 4!

I will keep all of the Meetup Groups going of course and email you all tips, ideas, thoughts etc. As soon as it is feasible to leave SF, I will be back on the East coast and in Vancouver but for now it is simply too much!

In the meantime, please do continue practicing "The Art of Active Networking”, and helping those you meet to thrive, survive and connect! Continue to post up on and in our walls and groups! All those links are right here under and next to the ticket link:


And we will see you in San Jose July 6th, San Francisco July 13th, Los Angeles July 14th and Kansas City July 23rd.

As always, anytime I can help you in any way, please just call! 415-602-9500

Mark E. Sackett​
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