January 5, 2015



No that's not a crap throwaway greeting that everyone says, I really mean it, I want you to be HAPPY in this new year.

I want you to thrive, get jobs, quit jobs, start your big ideas and make them into something life changing for yourself and others. I want your startups to get up and thriving and your boring old jobs to seem like the distance past soon and help you to find work you love. I want to do everything within my power and through "The Art of Active Networking" to help you to be happy, healthy, busy, wiser and more connected!

We seem to have added 100's of new members in the last month to all our groups and pages, and while I did take basically the entire last month off to catch my annual flu and see my family for the holiday's, I did try to keep one eye out while unplugging from nearly all my social media! HOW CLEANSING WAS THAT? Let me tell ya!


Our first event of 2015 is at The Box SF in San Francisco, next Monday January 12th!

Then next Tuesday January 13th in Los Angeles (I'll have that venue tomorrow, and I will email you, but tickets are on sale now!)

January 20th in New York City at Gossip Restaurant (NOTE: Since we did not have a holiday event, I am asking each person to bring either a dozen of your favorite cookies to share or a dozen of your favorite healthy snack since it's diet time for some!)

Yea, look at me I am on it!

Tickets and details here: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com and the price remains 20$ online and 30$ cash at the door!

I want you to go to other networking events, I want you to come to mine, I want you to use what you learn at mine to help you and those around you to do better. I need you to do better so we can all rise up together and blow the lid off of 2015! Let's help more people and give to more people.


GIVE 4 hours a week in one or all of the following four ways: Give of your time, your ideas, your money or your referrals! When we all do this everything around us will begin to shift. Think of how many good deeds we'll do, how much money we will collectively give, how much time will be donated to helping a non-profit or another person and how many new connections we can foster?

Spread the word, join the emails lists for any and all cities you visit and most importantly get active in all our groups online, the links are on our site! http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

Who's in for the best year yet?

Mark E. Sackett


http://www.MarkESackett.com for those of you wanting to connect!
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