November 14, 2014



This last week my two most powerful mentors in life went through experiences that none of us want to face: Massive heart incidents.

My friend, former boss and creative mentor John Muller, at 63, suddenly passed away on a walk on the beach in Los Angeles last Wednesday. John was the man who gave me my big break, he recognized my talent and he nourished it for 5 of the most powerfully creative years of my life. Daily I carry what I learned from John into every project. At the memorial service I got to see a short documentary on his life and got to hear his infectious laugh one more time. I will miss him till I one day take my final walk.

At the same moment I got that news about John, my Father was undergoing quadruple open heart bypass surgery. My Dad has supported and nourished my creativity more than anyone in my life. More importantly, he is the reason "The Art of Active Networking' probably even exists today! He's never met a stranger either, he welcomes people into his life unconditionally, and he loves and helps everyone. My Dad at 82 years old is recovering beautifully.

These two awesome Men in my life went through crisis at the same time, one survived and one did not, and I love them both.

So today, think about your mentors and those who influence you. Think first about contacting them if you can and simply say, "Thank you!" And then think of who you can mentor, how you mentor, who you can help and who around you might need some help. Then...offer all you can! I call it GIVE4: Give of your time, your money, your talent or your network! Just 4 hours a week committed to these four powerful acts will change your life.

If you are reading this it means you are important to me, I thank you for supporting each other through "The Art of Active Networking" worldwide and for being a part of my life.  I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. Each city is listed on our website under Tickets as they are scheduled.


Next up is San Francisco on November 17th and Los Angeles on November 19th!

New York in December and hoping for Vancouver again in late January or in early February and DC in the Spring!

I hope to hug you, meet you, help you soon!

Mark E. Sackett

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