November 1, 2014

NOvember or YESvember? I agree with Kid President, it's YESVEMBER!


Have wondered why people don't follow up with you, you can't figure out why your idea or business is not getting more traction, or you are just frustrated with networking events that never really yield anything. Does any of this sound like you or people you know?

Did you know that at most networking events you are lucky of 10 percent of the people you meet follow up with you?

Come on November 10th in Vancouver BC, November 17th in San Francisco and November 19th in Los Angeles and let's not only change that, but show you why it happens!

What I have created with "The Art of Active Networking" is a worldwide network of givers, and if you think meeting 100 people in a room is going to get you what you need you are sadly mistaken, it only takes one connection, one person with the same attitude as you and great things can happen. But look at it as a numbers game and you are having the wrong conversation!

On top of all that, we have a killer performance by Craig Addy and friends in Vancouver where he will perform on a 250,000$ concert piano that is more than worth the price of admission on 11/10.  So think of this entire night as one big bonus for you! 11/17 TAOAN Jam Band may make an appearance, and I am looking for an artist for LA!

I only bring this to Vancouver 3 to 5 times a year, San Francisco monthly, Los Angeles monthly and NYC monthly...so please don't miss out so we can get your 2015 off to an entirely different start!

Until then join our groups and pages and post up anything you need or are offering for free. Links are here: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

See you in NO-vember or as "Kid President" has declared it "YES-VEMBER"!!!

Questions or wondering how many of your friends you should also invite?

My mobile is 415-602-9500

I arrive in Vancouver YESvember 6th! SF the 16th and LA the 17th!

Mark E. Sackett
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