October 30, 2014


I am thrilled with how many tickets we are selling through all of our avenues for the November 10th event and concert in Vancouver for "The Art of Active Networking".  We are partnering with a few folks to make this event special but we only have 125 total tickets. We are selling tickets through our site, to my personal network, as well as three other groups on Meetup who are collaborating with me on this event and I would hate for those of you in my Network and my friends to miss out. This is going to be an extraordinary meeting, but our amazing location has only so many seats!

CLICK TICKETS HERE: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

Also, while you are all way up there in Vancouver, I want you to get Active in our groups and on our walls for LinkedIN and Facebook as well as in our 5 Meetup Groups in the States! Your physical location has nothing to do with your ability to build powerfully strong relationships! So here is the link to our site and those groups: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com (My TEDx talk is on the site now as well!)

I arrive November 6th to speak at a few schools and then November 7th plan to attend "Interesting Vancouver" http://www.http://www.interestingvancouver.com as it is an extraordinary 'don't miss' event! Then I will see you for "The Art of Active Networking" on November 10th!
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