August 11, 2014


R. I. P. to such a caring, floating, off the wall, amazing, diverse talent Actor Robin Williams

I used to date Robin's wife Susan long before they met, and I am sending her wonderful loving thoughts as I cannot imagine how Susan and her boys as well as Robin's family must feel tonight.

I was blessed to get to meet Robin on a number of occasions over the years as he worked helping some of my non-profits and so many causes on this planet. We used to do Pilates at the same studio in San Francisco and I would go in early sometimes so we could swap nutty jokes.

I was about to start speaking tonight at THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKINGhere in New York when I got the news. I went through with the event but was very shaken, unlike with those other deaths we too often hear about. I am so saddened for his loss and the loss his family and closest friends are feeling. To be sure this world lost more than an amazing talent today... today we lost a piece of our shared cultural history, a part of each of us because it is the one who bring joy and laughter to us that we will always miss the most!

I hope your demons are at rest Robin and that your family and loved ones including your children can find peace as well. Know that all of us at Reflectur,BrainfoodUSA , The Box SF and The Art of Active Networking are saddened by your silence and will fondly remember your brightest moments. This is just too tragic and so very sad.
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