August 3, 2014


If anyone here wants to offer to help anyone else here with the power of their ideas, resources, money, jobs or talent, join us at The Art of Active Networking in New York City at Russian Samovar on Monday August 11th!

That's exactly what we are about, regardless of your faith, lack of faith, employment status, political beliefs or situation you are welcome to come and help others. We meet in cities across the USA many times a month as my schedule allows, and with over 10,000 people having now attended it's my version of church. Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Old, Young, Married, Single, Employed or in Transition come and let us help you with the power of our networks to help you thrive!

Our next two events are August 11th in NYC and August 18th in San Francisco!
Invite your friends and colleagues, come and see how this is very different than any business card tossing event you are used to. 
In the meantime connect with our groups and pages for free and post up what you might be looking for or offering. We're all in this together.
Mark E. Sackett

Connect with me here on any site you like: http://www.MarkESackett.com
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