July 15, 2014


In the 5 years I have been doing THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING, I have never seen a Summer Membership increase like I am seeing on all our groups and pages this summer. About 45 days ago we were approaching 1000 members in our SF Meetup Group, our LinkedIn Group is nearing 1000 active members, our other city Meetups are all growing and so is Twitter, our Facebook Group here as well as our Facebook Page! Our email lists for 40 cities worldwide increases as well week after week. This is exciting to see such a growing community of givers.

I'm excited to welcome all our new members and hope to see you, (new and old), at our event here at The Box SF on July 28th! And then in New York City on August 11th. I am headed to Los Angeles July 23-25th to find our next venue there after our great event there last month.

We'll have another huge group and lots of new folks attending from all our lists and groups in San Francisco on July 28th, we had 86 people in June which is unheard of for Summertime!

In the meantime, join all our groups and pages and share this and our site with friends, inviting them to attend: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com Twitter @ACTIVENETWORKIN and my personal one is Mark E. Sackett same on Instagram.

The power of us working and giving together is greater than what any of us can accomplish on our own!

Connect with me here on sites you use personally: http://www.MarkESackett.com especially on LinkedIn where we also have a large group! If you have friends in NYC please let them know about our August 11th event too!

If you want to help organize an event in your city you know how to find me!

Mark E. Sackett

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