July 25, 2014


The Art of Active Networking is this Monday night the 28th of July in San Francisco and August 11th in New York City.  I hope you can come to one or the other and if you are like me...both!

Here's my recent TEDxFultonStreet talk, which is a simple idea turned into action, and the core of what The Art of Active Networking is really about: They say TED is about ideas worth spreading...hope you will spread this one!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAkZiQ0qQfI

Here is our site to join the email list, share the link, buy a ticket, sponsor someone by buying their ticket, posting this entire message on your linked in page or other social media pages and above all showing up in some way to help each other do better.


See you soon!

Mark E. Sackett
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