July 24, 2014



Very often I have vivid dreams and I somehow incorporate many of the people I have seen or talked to recently into my dream in someway and last night was no different. Last night this was packed with all the people I have met, chatted with or interacted with over the last week and was really different for me, in so much that I felt compelled to write about it. This one was interesting in particular because I attended a conference during the dream where a Man was on stage with a Woman, and they were in conversation...he is one of the only people in the dream who I could not identify but his words were so powerfully defining to me. As I later reflected on it while waking up this morning, I realized I was watching myself on stage and the words he said that stuck with me were mine.  Now a few hours later, I realized how much what I said in the dream is a core belief for me.

This man was asked a question about God and the following was his response:

Interviewer: So do you believe in God?

My reply was: No I do not believe in God or Religion, but I am a believer...What I mean to say is this, "I think things are potentially better when people believe." 

I need to clarify this to mean that for me to believe in something is to often support something, to be positive about it, and to most likely get in action in some way to share it. I suppose it's along the lines of the power of positive thinking, dream and succeed etc.

If you believe you can lose weight you most likely will.
If you believe you can get well, you have a better chance of getting well.
If you believe you are right for that job, you have a much better chance of getting it.
If you believe you can make a difference you probably will.
If you believe in love you may well one day find it.

For me belief has always been a very powerful and critical part of who I am and who I am not, but that is too often something that separates me from others.

I do not believe in God or Religions.
I do not believe in War
I do not believe in excluding people because of their faith, sexuality or their personal beliefs.
I do not believe we are treating this planet well or respecting the animal and plant life on it.

You get the idea.

I equate belief with hope and motivation. vs say a religious paradigm of 'blind faith'. And I often see how belief can be a powerful divider. It can literally create hatred and foster further divide as we have seen in so many religious wars throughout history. So we must be very careful as believers in how we use our respective beliefs.

Finally, I don't really have a point with this but it was so vivid I needed to express it. Comments welcome.
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