June 27, 2014


It's so funny to me how new "contacts" perceive you! Having done THE ART OF ACTIVE NETWORKING now for 5 years to over 10,000 people in three countries and 10 cities so far, easy it is to see right though what they want, especially the ones who do a little research on you and see just how big and "ACTIVE" your network is worldwide, they always come salivating! I have a good snout for you folks, and guess what, I'll still try to help you. But if you are always taking, always selling and you don't bring anything to my sandbox, my friends are not gonna want you back.

Until you come to a The Art of Active Networking event somewhere in the world, you will continue to SELL and TAKE and attempt to grow rich. You'll continue to make it about success and money and growth. It's not until you actually adopt the ideals of The Art of Active Networking that you'll actually get rich.

I've never read a business book, I've only fully read cover to cover one "Self Help" book called The Four Agreements, and I have only taken one self help course as it were, called Great Freedom -Clarity and Clarity Training.

You can study, absorb, read, attend and throw money at courses and books and conferences until you are broke, but if you continue to fail to practice the basic tenants of The Art of Active Networking, you are throwing your money down the proverbial toilet!

Join us and we'll redefine self help and giving! Join our pages and groups through the links on our site for FREE, and spend the whopping 20$ to attend our events. I'll bring it to any city, club, college or business that wants it and who can get 100 people together for three hours! No course, no certification, no levels, no bullshit!


Mark E. Sackett
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