June 29, 2014


I was interviewed on a national radio show on Friday night. Some of my friends, colleagues, family members etc., were mentioned and referenced in this interview because they have impacted me in some way recently. They like many of my contact here and in social media are such a valuable people to me. This was also sent as a personal email to about 20 or so of them.

And I would love some honest feedback about this because it's many of the things I am speaking about right now in my life. You may comment below or private message me. I'm so blessed to have such a great staff, friends, family members, clients old and new, and networkers who wander in and out of my life daily.
So part of this is to express my gratitude and part of this honestly wanting feedback as none of this interview was scripted or planned.

Thank you for what you do for me each day especially Gretchen and my team here in San Francisco. Note: The host just left the show for some reason in the last 5 minutes so it threw me off like you can't imagine and I was visibly thrown as you also might imagine.  So I muddled through that! My apology.


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