May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day!

My Mother for the first time in over 80 years told me today how depressed she is. I have such compassion for my Mom as I am so much like her, a problem solver, a giver, tenacious, one to get stuff done, say what I think and welcome others in to my home. She and my Dad have always given unconditionally to us and to others. But in her entire life, I have never heard those words come out of her. She is in such pain and cannot do most of the things she used to love, and today for the first time I see her giving up. I'm headed home to be with her and my Dad on May 31 for a few days and it kills me to see them like this.

So this really got me thinking today about all of our Moms and the contexts with which we use this word 'Mother'.

So right now I am sending special love and thoughts to all the Moms out there and I mean this to include those of you without human Children such as your Animals and to all of you out there who do not respect your Mother or Mother Nature. She is our ultimate Mom and we are doing way too much to piss her off these days and for far too long.

Our Moms no matter what our relationship with them, gave us life, they did their best and they deserve all the respect and love we can give them. They nurture us and provide in ways we can never understand and they do not deserve to suffer.

Even if your Mom is no longer with us, call a Mom you know today and thank her before the day ends. Many of the Moms in my life heard from me today and I am grateful for the hard work, inexhaustible love and tenacity they show us throughout our lives.

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