May 11, 2014


As I travel around the world, exploring my life, or if I am stuck in bed with another surgery, or I am at a dinner with friends, finishing a Client meeting or taking one of my wonderful "Left Turns of Life", I have my iPhone and my connection to the world. I am curious about life, sounds, tastes, smells, images, attitudes, and people. And while it may appear that I am sitting at home and on Facebook or Instagram 24/7 that could not be further from the truth! With the unusual apps, and connecting tools my phone and computer provides, I can be doing anything just about anywhere and get notified that someone has replied, tweeted, posted, said hello or connected with me. I can post one message or image and because of the interconnections I have made send it to 100's of thousands of people at once across multiple platforms.And it takes seconds from my life and adds suck a wealth of inspiration and learning for me.

So, if you use Instagram  Pinterest or Twitter  add me as @MarkESackett on any or all. I want to see your images, I love seeing the tiny moments of work my friends post from around the world. I have scores of Boards that inspire me on Pinterest, and some of the Tweets I get crack me up.

But most of all, I love connecting with strangers and seeing who they think, what they care about and why they post what they post! And it gives me a better opportunity to know you in advance of us possibly meeting in person.

I'm also on about 100 social media sites not to mention various apps, and everyone is welcome to connect with me on the sites you like most here: http://www.MarkESackett.com

For me, this is The Art of Active Networking http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com this is connecting, and this does not replace direct human connection, but without it, some of my most cherished relationships would never have come to my life!

So no matter what you think of Social Media and online connecting, for me it's simply one more way for me to make sure I never meet a stranger!
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