April 3, 2014




Just passed this girl on a slow moving sidewalk in NYC. She is giving "advice" to her friend.

"But what happens if in two years he turns out to be a..."

I thought about this today wondering how often we miss awesome opportunities due to fear, 'what ifs', and that unknown future?

What if we stopped worrying, trusted ourselves and made much more room for big, uncomfortable ideas, and were open to the possibility of the journey? What if we stopped our "what if" story and just lived with purpose and courage? What if we all just showed up fearless and present?

What if you ask her out and she says no?
What if you can't raise the money in your campaign to start your non-profit?
What if you get laid off?
What if your marriage fails?
What if your dog runs away?
What if you don't see your next birthday?

What if for me is more like WTF?

How about eliminating the 'what ifs'? And if you can't at the very least turning all of them positive?

What if she says yes and it's the best date ever?
What if you raise too much money, who you gonna help?
What if you keep that job, and grow beyond your goals for it?
What if you stay married and find that center that brought you there to begin with?
What if your dog, is happily waiting for you every time you turn around just licking you full of love?
And what if you outlive all of us?

At least those 'what ifs' hold, a positive, hopeful alternative!


What if you just showed up everyday to help others? What if you changed what you think you know about, selling yourself and networking events and gave me a shot at ya?

Take a look:

What if all the stuff you hate about pushy, sales driven, sponsored events was gone and all you had to do was find simple ways to help everyone around you thrive?

Or...what if you continue down that sidewalk saying "No thanks, I hate that stuff?" My guess is you might be stuck with those same 'what ifs' a few years from now and I won't say, "I told you so!", I'll wait and say, "What if you allowed us in to help you do better?"

We're waiting! And you are always welcome.

Join us April 8th at The Lookout in Washington DC, and April 28th at The Box SF in San Francisco. NARROWING IN ON A NEW HOME FOR OUR NYC, AND LOS ANGELES EVENTS...SORRY FOLKS THIS IS TOUGH TO FIND! ANY SPONSOR IDEAS WELCOME!

If you want us in your city, holler!!!!!

Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website, read the reviews, join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter then consider sharing this with others at http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com/

The power of us working together is greater than anything we can accomplish alone!

Be Well, Be Creative, Be Great!

Mark E. Sackett
Creative Director / Executive Producer / Director / Public Speaker
Mobile 415-602-9500
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