April 3, 2014



Either way, I challenge you to show up and see if a new kind of networking, "The Art of Active Networking" would help you grow your business, your relationships and your perspective!

I am so grateful for the nearly 10,000 people who have connected at my events worldwide and who truly understand the power of building authentic relationships. Below is a really nice email I received yesterday from someone in San Francisco who attended for the first time on March 31st:

"I admit that I am a networking newbie. I do love talking to people and learning about their experiences, goals and interests, but I don’t love psyching myself up to give the perfect elevator pitch to 30 different people in the span of an hour. Luckily, at The Art of Active Networking, founder Mark Sackett doesn’t just want you to increase the size of your rolodex; he wants to you make new friends. We are just people after all, so let’s try shaking hands that aren’t holding business cards…at least at first.

Generally, the term “networking” brings to mind a noisy room full of slick people who are all about me, me and, oh yeah, ME! Who’s going to get anywhere in that environment? But let’s be honest: the whole reason why people attend networking events is to promote themselves and to benefit their business. That fact has not escaped Mark Sackett’s attention. His point is not to abandon that goal, but to go about achieving it in a more effective way. He reminds you of the value of making a human connection based on shared knowledge, experiences and passions. No one wants to be assaulted with an over-the-top rehearsed sales spiel. That’s not how business relationships develop and it’s certainly not how friends are made. At last night’s event, my interactions with others were less about “me, me, me” and instead more about “you and me.”

Mark Sackett encouraged us to be open, honest and helpful, and to let the connection take care of itself. And, lo and behold, it did! I have the business cards of about 20 new intelligent, interesting and authentic friends to prove it."  

-Lisa Sussman, San Francisco California

I was blown away by these kind words from Lisa because without prompting her, she walked away with everything that I hoped to accomplish when I created this little experiment 5 years ago.

Monday night in Washington DC you have the chance to become part of the tribe. We'll have lite fare and a cash bar at The Lookout for our Washington DC debut!
April 28th we'll be at the Box SF in San Francisco, California
And then 3rd week of May, we'll be back in Vancouver, BC
And we are scheduling dates for London, Los Angeles and New York City in short order.

Want this in your city? Let's chat about it, just give me a call.
Tickets? http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com

I hope you'll consider coming and bringing a friend or two if you feel like you want a safety net!

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