March 13, 2014


So much SPAM on Facebook and my other Social Media sites especially in the friends request tabs...lordy!

You know it's either SPAM or attempted rampant Christian expansion when the Bible thumpin', Fire and Brimstone Breathin', Wrath-O-Goddies want to be friends with me! 10 in the last week!

I'm half temped to add them just to hear their message of 'god and good' telling me how:

A:  I'm headed straight to hell just for who I am, and not being a fan of fiction.
B:  My clear and vocal support of all my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender friends is gonna cast me into cleansing fire!
C:  My Big Mouth is boastful, and I'm too open minded and I need to choose a side.
D:  They are convinced that they can change me and purge me of all my sins.

To which I say:

A:  Bring it on because most of my smartest and coolest friends are already in hell, or will have a table reserved for us when I arrive.
B:  I don't care who you love or sleep with as long as you are happy and safe doing it! And why do we have to make this a condition of loving, knowing or caring for someone?
C:  I have picked a side, it's called, "The open, giving, helping and creative club of awesome people!" And I am proud to boast about it everyday until the meeting halls overflow with kindness vs exclusion.
D:  You can't change me, only I can change me, and the only thing I wish to change right now is the size of my ass, the reach of my voice and positive effect I might be able to leave when my shadow is cast. Oh...and I love my occasional sins as they remind me just how alive I am!

PS: If you agree let's start meeting on Sunday mornings too...We'll have better wine, better music, more fun and do more good, raise more money and get some shit done. No blind faith, just some @ACTIVENETWORKIN

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