March 18, 2014


Every once in a while you run across that total nutcase or crazy assed person, who is so off the wall, and over the top, that they remind you just how sane you really are!

I mean that "Wow, I'm really normal and sane!", kinda feeling!

And then you sit back, say "WHEW!" and keep on moving forward.

It is also at that moment that you realize that they now have your cell phone number!

Then you sit back again, take a deeper breath and fondly remember how long you have had that number and the thought of potentially having to change it slowly makes your stomach sink.

So then you evaluate why you do what you do! At that moment a wave of hefty compassion and understanding washes over you, and as you just are relaxing back into your third deep breath ready to continue ahead, you come to realize that at this very moment, somewhere in the world, someone you have met is thinking the very same thing about you!


The infrequent but always interesting problems of being a passionate networker!

Carry on!
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