February 26, 2014



Well ok, I don't much like living in reality, I tend to adore my fantasy life, so I am actually thrilled with 97 percent of you...the other 3 percent need to go into the shop for repairs and maintenance and a few attitude, religious and moral upgrades!

But all in all, I have accomplished my goal of surrounding myself with impeccable people! You are givers, humorists, musicians, creatives, well-being experts, entrepreneurs, artists and lovers of life.  Are a few of you horribly stuck? YES! But even those of you are stuck, for the most part, want to have a better life for yourself. You want a better life for others, and you absolutely are willing to make a shift.

And I love that about you!

Were it not for my capacity to grow, change, reason, shift and evolve, I would most certainly be dead by now! No question. I'm the type of person who struggles internally, quietly peddling, never really asking for help, swimming to shore or a rock to hold on when tides become unfriendly. But I never, ever, ever, give up!

Like most of you I care! I sweat, I try, I re-do, I adjust and I move forward, I become de-railed and I get back on track! I am wholly owned and self motivated. I don't read self help books, I don't take get rich courses, I don't have a life coach and I do not rely on others for my success. I do NOT believe in luck, instead, I think luck is what you make it.

So I am asking you today to think about all of this in the context of your life. Center yourself today, re-align your personal brand and purpose, circle your wagons and adjust your BIG plan.

You have amazing things ahead if you first believe in yourself, your ability to heal, move forward, make your own shift and to grow. And don't let anyone; naysayer, husband, wife, child, parent, mentor, coach, boss, co-worker, sibling or trusted steed tell you otherwise!

Know that at least one person out there knows you can do anything you want because like you, I have! And that mountain in front of you ain't that tall, but the views from the top are friggin' awesome! And instead of racing to get there, take a picnic and enjoy every second of the damn journey to the top.

Yup...I'm totally thrilled with who you are! Thanks for being in my life.
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