February 6, 2014


We live in a world of smart phones, dumb people, 300 channels and a myriad of media outlets, content and entertainment choices. And tonight Jay Leno says goodbye after 22 years as the leader of The Tonight Show! 

I'm also the first to say that I have always been more of a Letterman fan than a Leno fan, but if you work in Entertainment like I do or if you absorb entertainment in anyway, it's tough to ignore the power of who is arguably, "The King of Late Night". 22 years is absolutely nothing to sneeze at, combined with what was at the time the immense task 22 years ago of filling Johnny Carson's shoes.

I was thinking tonight as I sit here about to watch his final show here in my hotel room in Los Angeles that if I were Letterman, Kimmel or any of the other Late Night hosts, I would have simply gone dark tonight. I would not compete on this special night. I would instead encourage everyone to honor and enjoy this man's last night in late night. I would put up a statement on a card saying tune in to NBC to enjoy this historic night in Television. Then come back tomorrow and we'll make you laugh some more.

Now I am going to skip Dave and the Letterman Show so I can pay my quiet respect to a man who has had a wonderful run in this competitive, back stabbing world of entertainment. I assume he's far from done but it's cool to watch an American Entertainment Icon say goodbye!

My 3 cents!
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