February 16, 2014


DATELINE NYC 7:32pm Eastern Standard Time:

Official's just announced that midway through the 2014 Olympic's that a relative newcomer to Soup Making a Mr. Mark E. Sackett of New York, New York and San Francisco, California had just taken a rare Double Gold in a single event.

He was awarded the first gold due to the terrifically unusual and unorthodox combination of Rutabaga and Tarragon. This unusual twist then propelled his 25 Herb and Organic Vegetable Soup so far ahead of expectations that judges actually stopped competition and awarded the rare Second Gold.

An undisclosed source near the apartment and speaking under a condition of anonymity said the spectacular smell of the soup could be detected as far away as Central Park South causing motorists to exit their cars and taxi cabs and immediately start following their noses back to Hell's Kitchen where the event took place.

At this hour a press's conference is scheduled for 9:24pm EST, at the site where the dish washing event is currently underway. In an interesting side note Mr. Sackett a Virgo by birth is expected to medal in this event as well due to his unique "Clean as you go" process!
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